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Nathan Road, Hong Kong

    “This is heaven for street photographer” was my first impression when i hit Mongkok & Nathan road in Hong Kong. The city is too busy for them to ‘care’ about us. They don’t mind when we point on our viewfinder. Everyone having walk in Nathan road, not only teenagers but also some very old mens. Hong Kong is great place for you that love to walk. In case you are tired, you can go down to the subway, and buy ticket for your trip.
    I was upset when i wasn’t able to take some pictures in ladies market. I was blinded by the need buying some unique things there.

    Here are some of my photos in Nathan Road;

    Looking for a book

20120816-094342 PM.jpg


20120816-094710 PM.jpg


20120816-094839 PM.jpg

    A conversation

20120816-095012 PM.jpg

    Street performance

20120816-095256 PM.jpg

    Mask Woman

20120816-095609 PM.jpg


20120816-095847 PM.jpg


20120816-100053 PM.jpg

    Couple of ice creams

20120816-100329 PM.jpg

    Look right

20120816-100830 PM.jpg


20120816-101612 PM.jpg


20120816-105042 PM.jpg

    Reading on the train

20120816-104409 PM.jpg

    A real hero

20120816-103414 PM.jpg

    Curious Kid

20120816-102434 PM.jpg


Far from camera

Here, in the middle of wasting time waiting for another flight, i stared at a guy who bring his mirror-less camera.
A moment, i miss for what i used to be, and i start questioning myself, why now, i rarely bring my camera on hand. Even one of my friends said to me that i’m far from my camera now.

    Meanwhile, a few hours ago, in the plane, i read the review about X-pro1. Is my curiosity for photography only ended up on hunting new camera? Instead of taking picture and posting it to the web?
    And deep in my mind, i know i’ll be foolish to buy the expensive X-pro1.

I start hating myself for not often in taking pictures anymore. Is this because i’m no longer involved in the photographer community?
I remember that the community who built me up loving photography.
But to make it as an excuse, is like cheating to myself.

    So why? Why i stop taking pictures?
    May be the reason why is not important, and the important and also the hardest thing for all action is to start.

Ya, that’s right. i need to start without questioning the reason why i stop.

Street of George Town

George Town, is a heritage city in Penang Island, Malaysia. It resembles the british colonial, the time before Malaysia given their independence.

How to get there? Either you can choose by plane or by bus. It is four hours by bus from its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The Bus waiting for you until 7pm. George town also offer some cheap hostels for backpackers. Please google for the details

    Terminal Bersepadu Selatan

      Terminal Puduraya

        Terminal Sungai Nibong

          Suttle bus or taxi to hostels

The city is full of historical buildings. The society is filled with malayan, chinese and hindi. This place is nice for street photographer as you may point you camera in many spots and corners.

20120811-094703 AM.jpg

    20120811-095148 AM.jpg