Road to Bromo Mountain Indonesia (backpack)

Bromo is one of the amazing mountain view at East Java, Indonesia. Actually bromo located at Pasuruan, East Java. There are two way to reach bromo, from Probololinggo, and the other one from Malang.IMG_4355-1-2copy

Herein I will share the detail route from probolinggo. Firstly and easily access is from Surabaya-state city of East java-. Surabaya has international airport either bus terminal. If you travel by plane, you need go to second bus terminal called Bungur Asih buy taxi. from bungus asih termonal you should continue to Probolonggo bus terminal. There are many bus travel to Probolinggo. After we come to bus terminal of Probolingggo, u just need to continue your travelling by mini bus (the origin people called it taxi – not actually taxi). I suggest you to reach probolinggo before 5.00pm, cause the ‘taxi’ is not available at the evening. This ‘taxi’ will guide you to cemoro lawang –the last stop -. You can get sleep right here at the hotel or by rent the house of the community. I suggest you to book ‘hardtop’ while you take dinner. The ‘hardtop’ will guide you at the early morning at 4.00am to climb to bukit penanjakan – the view point of bromo, what an un forgettable moment -. After that, you will guide to kawah bromo itself. You need to hike to kawah bromo, to see how bromo produce the cloud. And you can continue your vacation to the last destination around bromo called padang savanna.

Here the detail –approximately cost- :

Juanda Airport (Surabaya) – Bungus asih bus terminal    by taxi around IDR 200.000.-/car

Bungur asih bus terminal – Probolinggo bus termina        by bus around IDR 14.000.-/person

Probolinggo bus terminal – Cemoro lawang (las stop)     by “taxi” around IDR 25.000.-/person

Hotel                                                                                                     around IDR 1.000.000.-/room

(note if u don’t mind to get sleep at house or the community, you just spend money about IDR 100.000/room)

The hardtop to guide you around bromo                              around IDR 300.000,-/carIMG_4385-2copy

Hope you can enjoy your vacation, enjoy the beauty of Indonesia… 🙂



  1. ajib …..
    bromo memang spot yang tidak habisnya buat para fotografer
    pasti endah

    • ‘nie
    • April 7th, 2011

    wah om ipuur, mo ke bromo dong blm pernah~

      • iphoer
      • April 14th, 2011

      cakep lho ni, aku dulu kesana juga modal nekat (dan uang saku tentunya) heehee

  2. Informasinya sangat menarik. Nice info. Thx 🙂

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